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The beginning of a new year is always a great time to go over your digital marketing strategy for the months ahead.  If you’re reading this, you already know how important digital marketing is for your online success. But it’s a great idea to keep up to date with the latest stats to keep your finger on the pulse.  So what can you expect for 2016? Here are 10 recent stats that every digital marketer should know.

1. Digital Marketing Budgets Are Increasing

The CMO Council reported in 2015 that 28 percent of marketers have cut their advertising budgets in order to focus more on digital marketing.  If you are one of these marketers, good for you. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for organizations of all sizes, and as more businesses realize that the future is digital, they are diverting more resources to their digital marketing budgets while reducing their standard advertising budgets.

2. Content is King

It won’t be the first time you’ve read that ‘Content is King,’ and it certainly won’t be the last. Especially after TopRankBlog reported in September 2015 that 76 percent of marketers are planning to produce more content and that 51 percent are planning to increase their budgets for content marketing.  Content marketing has been on the up for years, and this is showing no signs of changing anytime soon.  As more organizations experiment with their own content marketing, they are beginning to see the incredible value of having a dedicated content strategy in place. Content is the very foundation of many internet marketing strategies, from SEO to social media, so make sure you have a solid content strategy in place.

3. Content Is Effective

One of the reasons why content marketing is growing in popularity is because it is so effective. According to stats on this infographic at Demand Metric, three times the amount of leads are generated by content marketing compared to traditional marketing.  That’s a figure that’s hard to ignore.  But when you combine it with the other striking stat that it also costs 62 percent less, you are left with little reason to ignore content marketing if you are serious about your digital marketing in 2016.

4. Display Ad Spending Increases

Search ads have long been the leader of the pack when it comes to online advertising spend, but this could be about to change.  eMarketer recently predicted that digital display ad spending is going to be greater than search ad spending in the United States in 2016 for the first time.  Digital display ads will make up the largest share of spending at 47.9 percent and a total of $32.17 billion, compared to $29 billion for search ad spending.  Display ads here include video, rich media, sponsorships, and banners, so this could provide you with a new focus in the year ahead if you have so far focused most of your ad efforts on search.

5. Video Marketing to Increase

Video has long been an important marketing channel for businesses of all sizes, and Smart Insights reports that video marketing is set to grow even further.  It claims that 73 percent of B2B marketers will be using video as a content marketing tactic, and that 7 percent plan to increase their YouTube marketing.  So if you have not yet experimented with video marketing, now could be the time to try it out.

6. Another Video Stat

Just in case you weren’t convinced, Usabilla produced another video stat, suggesting that this year 74 percent of online traffic is going to be video based.  When you think of the popularity of mobiles, and that videos are one of the main types of content consumed on mobile devices, it’s easy to see how video is going to become an increasingly important marketing tool.

7. Targeted Ads Are More Effective

Usabilla also reported on targeted ads, stating that 41 percent of customers interact with targeted ads compared to ones that are random.  It also reported that when sites provide personalized product recommendations, 45 percent of customers buy more from them. Personalization has been on the up for years, and personalized ads are more important now than ever before. By using data to recommend content and products to your site visitors, you can provide them with a more personalized experience and take advantage of the benefits.

8. Mobile Domination

The big story of the last few years has been the dramatic rise in mobile use, and this is set to continue.  The CMO Council reported that in the United States about 60 percent of internet activity is now on mobile devices, and that half of the total traffic goes through mobile apps—and this was back in July 2014.  It’s yet another reminder that as you work on your digital marketing strategy, mobile needs to take center stage.

9. Mobile Purchases Increase

Historically, while mobile use has been rising, customers tend to make more purchases on desktops. However, this is slowly changing as more people become comfortable purchasing via mobile devices.  TechCrunch reports that 26 percent of online purchases over the Thanksgiving period were on mobiles. And although this is still lower than desktop purchases, it is a significant figure that is only going to grow.

10. Local Search Doesn’t Always Start on Google

We often associate local search with the search engines. But a report called “Local Search: Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers” from YP and IDC suggests that search engines are not where the majority of local searches begin  The survey, based on 750 adults in the U.S., found that when people carry out local searches, only 36 percent start on a search engine.  Other places included websites on the subject, online reviews, directories, coupons, and mapping apps.  So while search engines are still the most popular way to start a local search, you cannot afford to dismiss other platforms.

Use These Statistics to Guide Your Digital Marketing

If you need some direction for your digital marketing this year, start with these statistics. Keeping up with the way that digital marketing is changing will help you to develop long-term strategies that will take advantage of the direction that digital marketing is taking and to stay one step ahead of your competition.

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