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It’s all about the click when it comes to email marketing. While emails have many purposes, one of which is to build rapport and trust in your brand, at the end of the day clicks matter.

So how do you get more clicks? What if lots of subscribers are opening your emails, but no one is clicking through? Here are 12 techniques you can try today to boost your CTR.

  1. Use More Links

DUH! That’s what you’re thinking, right?  I know, it sounds obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people slap a paragraph with a “click here” button at the end.  First off, you’re not using graphics as your only call to actions, are you? (Because you realize about 75% of the people that get your emails will not have “show images” turned on in their browser.)  Beyond that, give people more options to click.  Use any sensible anchor text, image, even titles to create that link.


  1. Mobile Optimize Your Emails

It should go without saying in this day and age, but your emails must be readable on mobile devices. Many, usually most, of your recipients will open the email on their mobile device, and you want them to be able to read your email clearly.

But mobile optimization goes beyond making sure your emails can be read. It also involves writing shorter subject lines for mobile devices, using fast-loading images that are clear to view on smaller screens, and ensuring any links are easy to click.

One way to make links more clickable is to use buttons that are an easy size to be clicked with a thumb. If subscribers have to zoom in to find the link, which they then have trouble clicking, you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

  1. Let Them Answer With a Click

This one is also very simple but very powerful. At LeapGo we are always talking about our clients’ list and how we can further segment it into hyper targeted sub-lists. One really easy way that we use is to ask a question with the options as a link.

Whether you’re trying to find out more about your subscribers or just getting them to the right page, this tactic works wonders.  For example:

Would you like to receive more frequent information about X?

YES     NO

— OR —

What’s your favorite widget?


Not only will you get more clicks, but you’ll find out more about your subscribers which will help you send better, more targeted emails!

  1. Peak Their Curiosity

Curiosity is a powerful motivator when it comes to writing marketing copy, and you can use it in your emails.

The simplest way to do this is to give the subscriber half the story in the email body, and then encourage them to click through to find read the rest.

You could also provide them with extra information of value if they click through to your website. This could include the surprising result of the survey, or how you solved the problem that you have just described in the email.

Or you could simply include the title of your blog and a brief description that makes it sound intriguing, then link out to it.

  1. Send Them an Offer

A special offer provides instant value to your subscribers and makes it well worth their while staying on your list. (Note I said special offer and not just another 10% coupon like the last 20 you’ve sent).

Use the body of the email to tempt subscribers with an excellent discount, giveaway, or other offer that they simply can’t resist.

  1. Ask a Question

Questions are a powerful way to generate more responses. Asking questions engages the mind, and people instinctively want to know the answer.

By asking a question in your subject line, you may get a higher open rate. By asking a question in your email body, you may be able to encourage subscribers to respond with an answer.

The click in this case could simply be to reply to the email, but it could also be to click on a link.

  1. Make Use of The P.S.

The P.S. has long been an important element of sales letters because targets will often read it even if they read little else. They are now a popular feature of emails too.

See the P.S. as your final chance to get the click. Remember that many readers will scan through the whole email without really reading, but they will often read at least the start of the P.S.

Use it to generate curiosity, to remind the reader about the time limit on the offer, or to simply ask once again for the click.

  1. Experiment with Personalization

Most email marketers will use some form of personalization, such as including the subscriber’s first name in the salutation or the subject line.

But you could also test using it in your links. Something like: “This offer is only valid for the next three days Karen, click here for your discount.”

Sometimes too much personalization can backfire, but it could help to make your CTA stand out more.

  1. Make It Urgent

Urgency is another of those classic copywriting tips that has been used for generations (it’s one of the “4 Us”). You can use the fear of missing out in your emails to encourage more clicks.

Urgency can be added to the subject line, the opening paragraph, the P.S., or anywhere else it works.

This is easiest to do with a special offer. Many people will put your email aside with the aim of coming back to it later, only to forget all about it. By making it clear that they only have one day to take advantage of the offer, you can give your clicks a boost.

  1. Get More Opens

It makes sense that if you get more opens, you should get more clicks. This is not always the case of course, but it certainly helps.

Part of that involves writing more compelling subject lines. However, you must still make sure the email body fulfill the promise of the subject line.

Don’t write something to get your subscribers curious and open your emails if they are only going to be disappointed. But if there is a strong reason for opening the email, like an unbelievable offer, encourage more opens with your subject line and there’s a good chance your clicks will go up too.

  1. Use Your Judgement with the Length

Emails should typically be short and sweet. However, that doesn’t mean this always makes sense. In fact, it’s often better to mix up the length of your emails so they don’t become monotonous.

Try writing a few short emails, a few medium-length ones, and a few really long ones. Include links in all of them, and see which gets the best results.

The fact is, some subscribers may really like reading long emails and may be more likely to click on the link when they get really into the topic. Others may prefer a few lines of copy followed by a link.

So test and find out what works best for you.

  1. Get Some Social Proof In

Social proof is often used in landing pages, but not so much in emails. But if you really want to get more clicks, especially to sell a new product, social proof can be powerfully persuasive.

Social proof in emails can come in the form of a testimonial, a tweet praising your product, an endorsement from a well-known personality, a 5-star review, or anything else that introduces third-party praise for your business and product.

Test it, especially near to the link, and see if you can boost clicks.

More Clicks = More Success

In general, the more clicks you get from your marketing emails, the more success you will have overall. Like I said earlier, emails have more benefits than just getting links, but they are a big part of it.

What about you? Are you happy with your clicks? Are you using these techniques in your emails? Try them out and see if you can give your clicks a boost.

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