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Imagine you could have an invisible team of marketers targeting prospects and customers with timely emails and communications that would get them to perform specific tasks intent on improving the customer experience, enabling more repeat purchases, and spreading the word about your business.

Oh wait, you can.

It’s called marketing automation and it’s one of the most important marketing strategies for an ecommerce business. Unlike standard marketing campaigns, which require a constant stream of work, a well thought out marketing automation campaign requires only upfront work during setup and can then run on it’s own to reap big rewards. Here are 5 marketing automation campaigns every ecommerce store should have:

#1 Abandoned Cart Campaign

This is often the first marketing automation campaign that ecommerce websites set up. Why? According to web research company Baymard Institute, 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned. By sending automated targeted emails that remind visitors to complete their order, you’re able to recover revenue that you’d otherwise have lost. Companies have recovered anywhere from 20% to 80% of that revenue – that’s a HUGE bonus to your bottom line and a great way to boost your customer base!

#2 Lead Nurturing Campaign

Let’s say you have the typical 3-5% conversion rate of most online stores. That’s great, but you realize that means 95-97% of your visitors are leaving and most will never return? You work so hard drawing visitors to your ecommerce site, but you don’t give them any opportunity other than to “buy something”. That 95-97% may eventually buy your products, but are just not ready to commit yet for one reason or another. In exchange for a smaller commitment, like an email address, give them something that helps them decide (for example, a free checklist to consider when shopping for XYZ, or access to a video library, or a free sample). Capturing details such as name, email, preferences or other data can help you send more targeted messages and turn those customers into official leads.

The automated marketing campaign comes into play when customers submit their information. Begin a series of helpful, relevant follow-ups giving them more advice, tips and news. Staying in communication with a prospect will multiply your changes of being the store they eventually buy from tremendously.

#3 Newsletter Signup Campaign

Obviously, getting a visitor to sign up for your ecommerce newsletter is a great way to turn him or her into an eventual customer. However, far too often, visitors sign up and then don’t hear from you for a while, giving other competitors time to sneak in. Is there a way to improve the sign up process and give your customers what they want? Sure there is. Send an automated email expressing thanks for signing up, provide a 1-minute survey to find out more about them, and use the information for future email targeting and other marketing opportunities.

#4 Like Products Campaign

The hardest part of running an ecommerce business is getting someone to make that first purchase. However, once the first purchase is made, it’s a lot easier to get another sale – and just a little push in the right direction can make that happen. Just like Amazon, you can target those customers with specific products based on what they previously bought. Setup a marketing automation campaign that shoots out an email promoting similar or complementary products to customers who buy some of your most popular products. This will help you generate more revenue and turn a single-purchase customer into a repeat purchaser in no time at all. It’s also a much better tactic than blasting the same product to everyone on your list.

#5 Re-Engagement Campaign

Of course, not every customer will stay a customer forever. Some get distracted, others forget, and still other customers are attracted by your competition. Is there an easy way to reel them back in? Yes and it’s known as a re-engagement campaign. By targeting low engagement customers (for example, those who don’t open or click your emails), you can use a creative automated email sequence to attempt to get them interested in your products again. In the best scenario, someone comes back to make a purchase. In the worst scenario, you clean your email list and identify people to not spend time on anymore. The most successful ecommerce companies claim great email marketing stats because they’re sending targeted messages to an engaged audience, not because they have the biggest list.

Which marketing automation software to use?

For ecommerce businesses, there are many marketing automation software companies from which to choose. There are big players like Marketo, Eloqua and Silverpop that have a ton of functionality, but cost several thousand dollars per month. Then there are smaller players, like Remarkety, that is free or low cost, but has limited functionality.

Our recommendation for small- to mid-sized businesses that need a full solution, including CRM, is Infusionsoft. This marketing automation software is low cost (can be had for only several hundred dollars per month) and comes with functionality on par with some of the biggest players. If you’re looking for a solution more focused on email marketing and automation, without the additional tools of Infusionsoft, try GetResponse.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of marketing automation, but don’t know where to begin, contact our LeapGo team. We can help you get started and quickly show you how powerful marketing automation can be for your ecommerce business.


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