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Facebook has become one of the most important advertising platforms for both B2C and (to a lesser extent) B2B marketing.

With well over a billion active users a month and a whole host of options for targeting your ads to reach your ideal target audience, Facebook is an excellent platform to market your business.

As a result, it’s easy to jump on the bandwagon. You’ve heard great things and you want a piece of the action—but it’s unlikely you’ll enjoy success immediately.

You usually have to make a few mistakes before you start enjoying great results.

If you have dipped your toe in the water but you’ve yet to see the kinds of conversions you’ve been hearing about, it could come down to a few simple mistakes—and here are five to watch out for.

1. Your Landing Page Doesn’t Match the Ad

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: You can create the best darn ads you want, but they are not going to get you great results unless you have a landing page that converts.

And some of this comes down to good message match.

When someone sees your Facebook ad and clicks on it, they are taken to your landing page (if this is the type of campaign you are running). If they arrive on a page that seems to have nothing to do with the ad, this is going to confuse them.

Confusion is always bad in the world of CRO—it will cause people to click on the back button, and it will almost certainly hurt your conversions.

While message match is important whenever you send a prospect from an ad to a landing page, it’s slightly different with Facebook ads compared to AdWords ads. The reason for this is you also have the image to consider.

With AdWords ads, you just need to make sure that your ad headline closely resembles your landing page headline. With Facebook ads, you must ensure your imagery is also similar, which involves using the same types of images and the same color scheme as you use in your ads.

In fact, it’s often the simplest option to use the very same image, just bigger.

The color scheme of your landing page should also reflect the ad, and your aim is to make the landing page come across as an extension of the ad.

2. You’re Not Targeting the Right People

This one comes down to common sense, but it’s surprising how many advertisers get it wrong.

If you want to get the best results from your Facebook ads, you should be targeting your fans. That means you will have to make an effort to grow your presence on the platform, but the results are well worth it.

According to Webtrends, targeting your fans will increase click-throughs by 700%.

So work on building your Facebook audience and increasing engagement with your fans, and this is a dead cert for boosting your conversions.

The simple reason for this is because your ad will be more relevant for your audience. Your fans are already either aware of your business or they are customers already. So when you reach out to them with an ad, they are more likely to notice.

Beyond targeting your fans, there are still ways for you to reach out to target more specific audiences.

Trying to reach everyone on Facebook is no way to advertise on this platform. Instead, it’s much better to refine your audience by targeting specific demographics and interests.

For example, if you are introducing a new product, you can limit your ad reach to people who are already interested in similar products.

3. You Don’t Have Enough Ads

If you’re advertising on TV or in a national publication, you are basically targeting everyone with one single ad.

But this is the complete opposite to what you want to be doing on Facebook. Here, you want to be targeting smaller audiences who are more relevant to increase performance.

You only have a second to capture attention with a Facebook ad. The ad therefore has to be relevant to your audience otherwise you’ll lose their attention.

And the best way to ensure you are reaching your audience with relevant ads is to make lots of them and change them slightly.

You could change the copy depending on the location of your audience. Or change the messaging slightly.

Rather than just creating one ad and using it everywhere, create different versions changing up the copy and the images.

4. You’ve Got Your Visuals Wrong

Visuals are so important on Facebook, much more important than on other advertising channels.

You want to stand out and get noticed—and on Facebook that is quite an ask. On any given day, check your News Feed and you are going to see countless funny images, attractive videos, and other updates from your community.

Your ad is only going to stand out if you make it visually appealing.

Visual content rules on Facebook, and you have to play by the same rules. In short, you want to get your ad noticed with a great image—but you don’t want it to scream “Advertisement!”

Of course, choosing the right image is the hard bit. Faces, babies, and animals always tend to work well, and there are other best practices to keep in mind.

But you won’t know for sure unless you test them, which leads us onto the last point…

5. You’re Not Testing Enough

With advertising, we have best practices to follow—but the best results differ from business to business.

Sometimes, the copy you didn’t expect to work ends up getting the most engagement. The image you threw in as an alternative option ends up driving more conversions.

Why? Often you will never know. Some things just work better.

And that’s why you need to test with your Facebook ads. Of course, this is the golden rule of CRO, and it’s just as important on Facebook as anywhere else.

Quite simply, if you don’t test, you can be certain that you are not getting the most from your ads.

Even if you are getting a good amount of conversions, you have no idea whether this is your best ad until you test it against other ads.

That means you must have a budget for testing your ads—at least 50 if you are serious (but more is better).

Some of your ads simply will not sell, and you won’t know why. But for every 50 ads that don’t sell, one will send conversions through the roof.

Success comes through experimenting until you find an ad that works—and that’s where the real magic lies with Facebook advertising.

Bonus Mistake: You’re Creating the Wrong Type of Ad

The above five mistakes are where most advertisers end up going wrong. But there’s one more area you want to think about carefully: Choosing the right ad type.

Facebook has 10 ad types that are focused on different goals. These include more traffic, more engagement, more video views—and more website conversions.

Make sure you choose the right one for your purposes (which will often be more conversions).

If you are trying to get more visibility for a post, ask why this is. More Likes and comments may look great, but it is unlikely to lead to more conversions.

Likewise, sending traffic to your website may sound like a great idea, but are you really going to be happy with lots of traffic if it does not end up converting those visitors?

So if it’s conversions you want, make sure you are running the website conversion ad—and also install conversion tracking, otherwise it won’t run properly.

The type of ad you choose will affect who sees that ad—and you want that to be the people who are most likely to convert.

Use the Power of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is an amazing platform for advertisers—but you have to use it properly to get the most from it. These are some of the most common mistakes we see time and time again, and they can kill your conversions.

So keep these in mind the next time you run a campaign—and if you’d like some help, let us take a look at your ads for you.

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