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You already know how important it is to build your email list. It’s probably been drummed into you since the first day you launched your website.

So you’ve built up your list, and you’ve got to a few hundred or a few thousand subscribers.

The only question now is … what should you send them?

It’s not just having a big list that makes the difference. You need to send the right types of emails to make the most from your list. So here are six popular emails that you should be sending to your subscribers right now.

Multi-Ethnic Group Of People Holding The Word Welcome

1. Welcome

The welcome email is naturally first on the list—and what an important email it is. If you have not been sending a welcome email so far, you’ll want to do something about this right now.

You’ve already done the hard work in getting people to sign up, so now you want to make sure you make the most of it right from the first email.

The welcome email is typically sent out immediately after a new subscriber has signed up. Set it on auto to go out straight away, or at least on the same day, and use it as an opportunity to get the conversation off on the right track.

Email marketing is all about relationship building, and a good welcome email gets the relationship off to a positive start.

You might already know that welcome emails tend to have the highest open rates of any emails you’ll send. You are still fresh in your subscribers’ minds, and they’ll be interested to see what you’ve got to say—especially if you’re sending a link to some cool free stuff.

So what should it contain?

Always say thank you for signing up, then after that it depends. You could say a bit about you, your site, and what you do to build rapport (just keep it fairly short).

You could also add in some expectations, like how often you write, what you will include, etc. People often want to have an idea of what they will get from being on your list, so now’s the moment to clarify this.

You could also ask them to whitelist your address so your emails don’t end up in the junk folder, and you could even send different instructions to subscribers using different email providers.

Finally, you could also try and get an action. After all, subscribers are enthusiastic at this point, and you want to take advantage of the high open rate and use the momentum.

This could be a one-off special sign-up offer, or it could be something more simple like asking them to follow you on Twitter.

Whatever you choose to include, don’t pack it full of too much information. Keep it to the bare essentials, and focus mainly on getting the tone right.

Shopping cart full of purchases in packages

2. Abandoned Cart

This one only applies if you sell products from your store. But if you do, it is one of the most useful emails you can send.

Shoppers abandon their carts all the time, and the average rate is 68.81% at the time of writing. That’s a lot of lost sales, and this is always frustrating for store owners because it feels like you’ve missed out on what should have been a sale.

People abandon their stores for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they wanted to compare elsewhere first, or perhaps they just forgot to complete the purchase.

Whatever the reason, it never hurts to send them a quick reminder that they have an item in their cart. And it can be very effective if you get it right.

We’ve written on some cart abandonment strategies before, which include displaying an image of the item and providing a quick link back to complete the purchase. You could also add some urgency by making it clear that the item will soon be removed from the cart. Or you could even offer a discount for completing the purchase.

You might want to make the tone lighthearted, such as: “Have you forgotten something?”

If you don’t yet have a cart-abandonment strategy up and running, make this top of your list.

Man holding a megaphone - Important announcement

3. Announcement / New Product

People sign up to your email list for a variety of reasons, but they all want to feel valued. And one way you can achieve this is by sending them updates on new products or special announcements.

If you are launching a new product, let them know. It can be a simple email with a few lines, but this is enough to make them feel like it is worthwhile to be on your list because they are getting the news first.

It’s also a great way to build some buzz and get people talking. Instead of announcing the new product, tell them that something exciting is coming next week. Build anticipation and it should encourage more people to open your upcoming emails.

It could even help to give your initial sales a boost as soon as your new product goes on sale.


4. Exclusive Content

Again, you already know that you want your subscribers to feel special, and exclusive content can be a great way to do this. For example, if you subscribe to our newsletter below, not only do you get prioritized delivery of content, but we offer “subscriber only” premium tips, tutorials, etc as well!


Why should they be on your list if they receive the same content that you publish everywhere else? By providing your subscribers with exclusive content, you can give them a great reason to be on your list and open their emails.

Exclusive content can be anything. It doesn’t have to be lengthy guides, and instead it can be short articles or quick tips.

Just make sure that the content is only available to your subscribers, and let them know that they are the only ones receiving the content.

Thank You On Post Note

5. Thank You

Every once in a while, say a big thank you to your subscribers, and not just by providing them with exclusive content.

Say how much you appreciate them being on your list by sending a special offer, discount, coupon, free month of your service, free gift, free shipping, or anything else.

It doesn’t have to be anything big. Even saying “thank you” can be enough.

Just make sure they feel valued and that they know you appreciate them being on your list and opening your emails.

Successful email marketing is all about building relationships, and this is a great way to go about doing that.

Business woman with glasses looking up at many question marks

6. Ask a Question

As well as providing value, ask for something in return once in a while. As long as you are providing value to your list, they should be happy to give a little something back.

Email marketing should not just be a one-way conversation. You want to encourage people to respond, whether asking for a reply or to leave a comment on your latest blog.

Why not ask for a review of a product? Or a testimonial? What about a short survey or even just a social share?

It doesn’t have to be much, and it can help to get a dialogue going. Engaged subscribers will like to get involved and to give something back, so give them the opportunity.

You could even make it worth their while by giving them a discount or something else in return.

Send Better Emails to Your List

These are just six of the emails that should definitely have a place in your marketing campaign. Emails can be very effective as long as you go about sending them properly, and these six are just the start.

You could also send an anniversary email to celebrate a year since they signed up, a testimonial email to increase trust in your brand, and even a classic newsletter email to keep your subscribers informed about what’s going on.

Whatever you send, make sure you mix up your emails so that you’re not always sending the same thing. Try to surprise your subscribers from time to time so that they never know quite what they will find.

And whatever you do, always make it worth their while being on your list in the first place.

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