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Pinterest is the hottest thing in social media right now and leveraging it for your business marketing plan is advantageous, particularly for companies that have physical products or real-world services.  But if you think slapping a few pictures on a board will capture customer attention, then you obviously haven’t spent enough time on the social media site.  We’ve put together a list of 7 ways to improve your Pinterest marketing now and get customers to interact with your business:

1.  Hire a professional photographer

Seriously, those amateur backroom photos of your products are not making the cut.  The best boards on Pinterest feature strikingly colorful, eye-catching photos that are simultaneously simple and inspiring.  For example, the top shoe companies aren’t just showing pictures of shoes – they’re creating idyllic fashion accessories that make you want to run out and buy them now, all through a simple photo.  Hire a photographer and portray your products (or services) in the most flattering way.  People will be much more likely to pin and repin high quality images.

2.  Create inspiring boards and descriptions

You could call your board “Wedding Accessories” or you could call it “Ultimate Dream Wedding Accessories”.  Which do you think sounds better?  The more exciting the board title, the more inspired visitors will be when scouring the board for inspiration.  Then there are the descriptions, which way too often are written with bland, lifeless text.  It’s better to inject some emotion, think about lifestyle behaviors, and use important keywords.  Rather than writing “Diamond shoes for wedding day”, write something like “Glittery diamond wedding shoes make you feel like a princess!”  Small, easy changes can bring big rewards.

3.  Connect with “influencers”

Just like on Facebook and Twitter, there are power users on Pinterest who have strong followings (sometimes millions of followers) willingly viewing their boards and pinned images.  These people are ‘influencers’ and you want to make your products and services readily available to them.   Reach out to them about your business, send samples or coupons, or simply attract them with your amazing pins and boards.  By connecting these reputable people with your business, you’ll quickly expose your products or services to the masses.

4.  Run a contest

If you’re having difficulties reaching out to power users, then have your customers come to you.  Create exciting boards around your products and services and pin user-generated content to your boards.  How do you do that?  Run a contest.  Users can send you photos to pin on your boards and then a winner can be chosen (via best photo competition, random drawing, or what have you).  Instead of a short-term contest, you could also offer a long-running discount.  For instance, if you sell birthday cakes, ask customers to send pictures from their birthday party in exchange for 5% off their next purchase.  By incorporating user-generated photos, you build stronger relationships with your customers, increase the popularity of your boards, and highlight the happiness your products or services generate.  Now that’s good marketing and at a relatively low cost too. Need ideas on software to manage social media contests? Check out our Top 25 Social Media Tools.

5.  Use Infographics

When a photo just isn’t enough or when your information is not naturally visible, consider making an interesting Infographic.  It’s a cool way to feature fun facts or copy elements about your business that wouldn’t normally fit in with Pinterest’s visual nature.  Infographics are colorful marketing tools, offer easy-to-swallow information, and can be pinned and shared like a regular photo.  Just check out Mashable’s Infographic Pinterest board for a taste of their awesomeness.

6.  Upload videos

Photos may make up the majority of content on Pinterest, but videos have their place too.  Even if you already have a dedicated YouTube page with an overlapping audience, Pinterest offers another avenue to showcase your videos.  Post them, link them, embed them – you can create a whole separate video board or intersperse videos on your other product or service boards.  It’s up to you, but don’t leave this potential goldmine of visual information off your Pinterest pages.

7.  Show off your company culture

It may seem a bit out of place, but your company’s internal day-to-day events can be a marketing boon for your business.  Why?  Just like some people connect with brands, other people connect well with… people.  Getting an inside glimpse into your business’ people makes some customers more willing to interact with you (you’re no longer faceless –you’re a friend).  You can pin photos of your employees, customers, and office culture.  Even if you’re a one-person jewelry maker, you can posts photos of you at your home workshop making jewelry.  Whatever puts your business on a more personal level can help build better customer relationships.

Can you think of other ways to improve Pinterest marketing?  We’re always open to your suggestions!

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