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Has your inbound marketing strategy failed to take off in quite the way you’d hoped? If so, maybe you simply haven’t supplied it with what it needs to get off the landing pad. Here are some forms of “rocket fuel” you can add to provide that extra boost toward more profitable results.

Use High-octane White Papers

How compelling are your white papers? The whole purpose of posting any kind of white papers is to make your company stand out from the herd. To achieve this goal, that content must be downloaded, read, liked, and shared again and again. White papers are, or should be, major documents that set your audience on fire – not “pretty good reading.” If you’re not getting rave reviews and tons of downloads and shares, your content probably hasn’t earned them.

Think about the sheer number of white papers added to cyberspace every day. Readers have so many choices that they have no reason not to ignore all but the best content out there. Additionally, as gatekeepers of their own social networks, they’re not about to share anything but the most exciting, original and well-written work with their peers. Hire a professional copywriter, if necessary, to review, revise or completely take over your white paper creation if you want to boost the “octane” of these important inbound marketing tools.

Still don’t believe me? Check out this 9 minute video on why “Good, Unique Content Needs to Die” by Rand Fishkin at SEOMoz:

Supercharge your Social Media Strategy

Which social media channels deserve most of your attention?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram – the sky’s the limit as to how many social media channels your company can employ in its inbound marketing strategy. But keep in mind that more does not necessarily (or even usually) mean better. The thinner you spread your social media efforts, the more likely you are to start posting thin, redundant, irrelevant, or even identical content across multiple channels, seriously devaluing your social media presence.

If being everywhere is getting you nowhere, ask yourself which channels matter most to your target audience. Dig deep into your social media and website analytics to get a better idea of who these people are, which channels they’re likely to frequent, and what kinds of content they respond to best. Then narrow your social media focus to channels and content aimed squarely at the most lucrative real estate on your online radar scope. This ensures your marketing rocket ship will get where it’s going without spending excess fuel in the process.

Get More Mileage Our of Your Calls to Action

Of course you’d love it if you could always get a concrete sale or conversion out of every chunk of content on your website merely by demanding it in your calls to action – but in most cases, that strategy isn’t realistic. Every time you post a new page or article, ask yourself, “Which stage of the sales funnel is this piece addressing?”

If the intended audience is still in the early stages of discovering what you’re about, you need to keep building trust before asking that audience to “Buy now!” or Call us!” Include the call to action most likely to suit your visitor’s familiarity level with your brand. It might be as simple as asking for social media connections or offering links to free, relevant content for further reading. If your visitor is an old friend who’s entering the funnel at a relatively late stage, then by all means hit him with a call to action meant to convert.

Toss these ideas into your tank and see if they don’t give your inbound marketing strategy the nudge it needs to achieve orbit. What have you tried that has worked (or hasn’t)? Leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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