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There’s never a dull day in the world of SEO.  (That’s one of the things we simply love about this business!)  Here’s the latest: Click-to-Call numbers showing up in Google organic search.

What’s Going On?  In short, Google is experimenting again. In fact, they never stop experimenting, it’s just that some experiments are more public than others.  And its latest public show of experimentation is to display Click-to-Call numbers in certain organic search results for mobile.

Click-to-Call is nothing new.  As you probably know already, it’s a popular AdWords extension, and one that we often implement for our clients.  It’s also used in local listings.  But this is the first time it has appeared in organic search.  This was first reported by Search Engine Land, which credited Ryan Schilling with the discovery, and here are some screenshots he published showing the numbers:

ScreenShot1 (2)

Since then others have seen signs of telephone numbers showing in organic results, such as SEOInc.  In the results affected by the change, the page description is now followed by a phone number in a box, and a phone icon is displayed beside it.  Mobile searches can then simply click on the number to call the company directly.

Why Is This Happening?

The fact that Google is now experimenting with displaying it in mobile organic search should not be surprising.  After all, its mission is to provide its searchers with the best possible service, and this could clearly be a useful feature for them.   And a lot of search activity takes place on mobile devices these days, so it makes sense that many of its experiments are in mobile search.

What Does This Mean for You?

This is very much in the experimental phase right now.  Could it be rolled out to all websites?  Maybe, but maybe not.  You never know when Google is experimenting with new features.   It is clear that not all searches are returning results with phone numbers. Why do some results display numbers?  We’re not sure, and we may never be sure.  It could all disappear completely in the coming weeks or months.

But what this does mean for businesses that have their numbers displaying is that it could lead to a serious boost in conversions.  Firstly, it lends authority to the website by showing this is a real business with a real phone number—helping it to stand out from its competitors.  Secondly, it simplifies the process for customers so they don’t have to click through to another page, and that could well lead to an increase in inquiries.

What Now?

We’ll be following this closely over the coming weeks and months. It’s our job to make sure our clients are always aware of the latest changes, and we always make sure we take advantage of any new features that could give them an advantage.  So this is something very much on our radar, and we’ll be updating on the situation if anything changes.  And if we’re already running your SEO campaign, rest assured that we will be following your results closely to see whether you can take advantage of this feature too.

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