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May 19, 2015 just might go down in history as a great day for both Google and Twitter. That’s when Google officially announced the addition of tweets to its mobile app search results. The search engine giant is expressing excitement over the potential of this powerful pairing. But what does it all mean, and what can you expect to see from it? Let’s take a look at how tweets on Google works.

This new deal isn’t the first one Google and Twitter have made. A previous deal, inked in 2009, didn’t exactly catch the online world on fire; Twitter apparently didn’t see much of a spike in new users or revenue, and the deal quietly ended in 2011. This time, however, Google is integrating tweets more deeply in the hopes of driving more traffic toward Twitter.

How Tweets Appear on Google

It’s worth emphasizing that at the moment, Google’s new tweet integration applies only to its mobile app on mobile browsers and Android/iOS devices, and only in English. This could change if the combination turns out to be popular and lucrative. When you perform a keyword or hashtag search, your mobile device will display not only the typical Google search results but also the latest tweets on the subject. The tweets may appear in a “carousel” at the top of the page, or they may show up further down, mingled with other search results.

Direct Access for Google

You’ll notice right away that the tweets are much easier to access in this new model, and they’re also appearing in real time. That’s because Google’s deal gives it direct access to to Twitter’s “firehose” of an estimated 6,000 tweets per minute, instead of having to crawl slowly and painfully for a select number of popular tweets. That’s the big perceived benefit for Google in this transaction, because it enable them to fully live up to their mission of helping their users find relevant, up-to-date information, instantly.

Fresh Traffic for Twitter

twitter-convert[1]Of course Twitter isn’t handing out access to its precious firehose for nothing. Regardless of whatever Google may or may not be paying for the privilege, Twitter will be receiving the benefit of redirects from the search results page. You’ll see how this works if you select the “More Tweets” option for your search term. This option causes Twitter to launch so you can simply continue your search for tweets at the source. If you’re not on Twitter, you can sign up for an account then and there. This has the potential to generate huge additional traffic for Twitter, especially if it swells the ranks of its registered users.

A Bigger Audience for Users

If your company or organization doesn’t currently tweet much, it might be wise to start. While your tweets may not receive any special consideration from the search engine, tweeting more frequently will at least give you a better chance of showing up in results. If you’re already a heavy Twitter user, the new deal could help you reach an even bigger worldwide audience with your tweets.

Keep a close eye on this development. If it eventually expands from the mobile environment to include desktops, and adds additional languages along the way, it could become a very big deal indeed – one your business may be able to use to its advantage. To learn more about social media and search marketing, request a quote today!

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