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If your website’s search engine optimization efforts are sputtering along like an ancient Yugo, then you may be using outmoded tactics or putting too much emphasis on less important things. The SEO landscape is constantly shifting under your feet, so you need to be using the latest “road map” to success. Here are some useful tips for supercharging your SEO strategy in your efforts to rule the Information Superhighway.

Check Your Site’s Mobile Usability

If you haven’t built mobile usability into your website’s design, you’re already several months behind the curve. Google announced that it would be giving search ranking preference to mobile-friendly sites starting in April 2015 — so if your search rankings have been sliding unaccountably since then, you may have some urgent fixes to make. Switching from a static website design to a responsive one is a major step forward. You can then evaluate your mobile usability by using Google Webmaster’s handy Mobile-Friendly Test. Load speed and readability are also important factors in retaining mobile visitors.

Focus on Links

According to Moz’s 2015 Ranking Factors Study, strategic use of high-quality links shows a closer correlation to high search ranking results than any other single factor. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to pepper your text with express links (links that push the viewer onto a different web page). Lately Google has been placing increased emphasis on implied links — brand citations in which you mention a site or brand by name without actually including a hyperlink. Google likes these links because they’re less prone to sleazy link-building tricks than the express variety.

“Put a Tail” on Your Keywords

Keywords correlate to high rankings almost as closely as links. Long-tail keywords have always been useful for connecting you more precisely with potential customers’ specific needs, helping you get more bang for your SEO buck. But according to Smart Insights, long-tail keywords are more important than ever right now when it comes to optimizing your site for the major search engines.

One key aspect of this tactic is the fact that Google and other heavy hitters of the search industry are employing a measurement called latent semantic indexing, or LSI. LSI is a measure of keyword density, and since long-tail keywords naturally increase your keyword density, they’re more likely to get flagged for LSI. If those keywords clearly relate to your business, you may gain a rankings boost.

Integrate Your SEO With Your Social Media

SEO and social media can no longer afford to be at cross-purposes. For one thing, now that Google has pulled the plug on its own Authorship program, it appears that the search engine giant is likely to start placing more value on outside social media activity and authority, from post frequency to links, likes, and comments. This means that you’ll want to make sure your SEO supports your social media content and vice versa. If you’ve been outsourcing one function and handling the other in-house, or outsourcing both functions to separate companies, now’s the time to pull those efforts together by letting one entity do it all.


Social media and SEO have become a winning combination.

Of course, even these timely tips won’t stay current forever. If you want to stay abreast of the latest and greatest in SEO recommendations, follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Or if you’d rather just maintain a dedicated team of experts who can keep your site SEO-friendly at all times, contact us to request a quote for our services!

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