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Content still reigns as king, but the greatest marketing content in the world won’t help you if you’re not deploying it intelligently. A smart, solid, informed content marketing strategy will let you take what you already know about your target market and craft the most effective marketing content possible. Let’s look at some of the essential steps in creating a lead-generating, revenue-boosting plan for your business.

Where to Start

You can’t know where you want your content marketing to take your business until you’ve figured out where it’s gotten you so far. This is the time to study all your marketing metrics closely to see how many leads and conversions your various forms of content marketing are currently producing.

How large is your current customer database — and how much larger does it need to be? Who exactly are these people, and what matters the most to them? What kinds of positive and negative feedback have you gotten from your customers? At which points in your sales funnel do you tend to lose online visitors? How is your marketing content differentiating you (or failing to differentiate you) from your competitors? These and other probing questions will yield the information you need to change the course of your content marketing.

Make Goals, Not Wishes

Dreams and wishes may inspire your content marketing strategy, but you don’t achieve a dream — you achieve a goal. By setting goals, you give your content marketing concrete milestones to focus on, with each milestone taking you toward the final desired outcome. Effective goals are “SMART” — specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.

All of these attributes must work in sync for your goal to work. You may decide, for example, that your content marketing needs to convert 100 leads into new customers within the next week, but is that goal attainable? Setting a one-year time limit might make more sense. As you set your goals, make sure you have the proper analytics to measure the success of your content marketing, or you’ll have no idea whether you’re on track toward success.

Content marketing

Aim for specific goals so your content marketing can stay on target.

Battle Tactics for Your Marketing Campaign

Once you know what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it, you can hone your content marketing tools to serve those specific purposes. Start by fixing whatever is broken — improving the entertainment value of your blog articles, making your site design more user friendly, refining your SEO techniques, phasing out that dead-end social media channel in favor of a more promising one, and communicating your unique value proposition more effectively.

Next, employ tactical content marketing that pushes you toward your goals. These might include seasonal offers and discounts designed to boost your walk-in sales by X amount of money during a specific quarter, or a monthly newsletter to increase repeat business by Y percent by the end of the year. Build an entire marketing calendar around your critical milestones so you can see the role each piece of content marketing plays in this epic chess game. Schedule regular meetings and reports to examine how close you’re coming to meeting your goals and which areas need adjustment.

Now that you see how the process works, put it to work for your own business. Do the necessary research and then get to work on sketching out the strategy and tactics for more effective content marketing. It might seem intimidating, but you don’t have to go it alone. Request a quote from our team today, and start planning for a more profitable tomorrow!

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