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Someone once said, “Chocolate cake is chocolate cake.”  I beg to differ.

While both cakes share many of the same ingredients, it’s the quality of the ingredients and the skill of the baker that differentiates one chocolate cake from another.  Think about it.  Any baker will tell you, “It starts with quality ingredients”. The same can be said for SEO. Stick with me, because I promise to share my favorite chocolate cake recipe…

Are You Feeding Robots or Visitors?

There are two types of SEO cake you can bake: one that feeds robots (search engines) and one that satisfies robots and your website visitors.  It’s easy to get so caught up in the digital palette of search engines that you forget the people who really matter. Unfortunately, many companies that offer SEO services fall into this same trap.

While it’s important to consider things like keyword ratio, link velocity, social influence, etc., you can’t build your strategy, or bake your cake, on these items alone.  Yet this is a very large, very common mistake that site owners and SEO companies make.

SEO Cake Baking 101 – Start with Quality Ingredients

Let’s have a little fun here.  Take a look at a few ingredients from a basic SEO cake recipe:

  • On-page optimization (flour)
  • Link building (eggs)
  • Social influence (sugar)
  • Written content (chocolate)

Sounds simple, right? Combine, mix, and bake the ingredients per Google’s recommended instructions and there you go.  Google will happily consume your SEO cake.

While Google is happy, there’s still a problem with this method of cake making and it’s one many SEO providers use.  Even if your cake chosen as the highest-ranking cake at the Google bake-off, you never asked yourself one thing:  “Is this the cake that my visiting patrons want?”

A Visitor’s Palette Differs From a Robot’s

You see, a robot’s palette is driven by rigid algorithmic requirements that identify your cake’s technical success, making sure it is “a chocolate cake that tastes good”.  But a visitor’s palette is driven by a much more complex brain. While a robot may only analyze the ingredients and baking method (data), a visitor tastes, smells, feels and views the cake from a totally different perspective.  For instance, if the flavors are there, but the texture is off, no good.  If the portions are right, but the ingredients are poor, no good.

Even an untrained palette can easily taste the difference between a box cake made with discount grocery store ingredients and a scratch made chocolate cake made with love and the finest quality ingredients, even if the portions and baking methods are the same. Are you still with me, or just hungry?  We’re almost to that recipe, so let me wrap things up…

What The Heck Does This All Mean?

Remember the advice “start with quality ingredients”?  We’re talking about “content” here.  The words on your pages, the articles in your blogs, the infographics, the whitepapers, the social media posts, the images you use, etc.

Your content must be of the highest quality or your visitors will spit your website into their napkin and never take another bite!

It doesn’t matter how many people Google serves your cake to if they don’t like it. Take the time or spend the money to ensure that your ingredients are the best and your SEO cake is baked with love and your signature company flavors.

My Favorite Recipe

Thank you for taking the time to read my little rant.  Now, as promised, my favorite chocolate cake recipe from Ina Garten of the Food Network: Beatty’s Chocolate Cake.  My little tweak – I change up the coffee ingredient by using different flavored varieties. It really changes the taste of the cake in unique ways!  My favorite so far was Starbucks vanilla.

While you’re enjoying a slice of this decadent dessert, think about your own SEO practices.  Could your website use better quality ingredients?  If so, LeapGo is happy to assist with SEO services because we always make sure that content for your customers is the top priority!

Have any feedback on my rant or my favorite chocolate cake recipe?  Share your feelings in the comments below!

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