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PPC (pay per click) advertising can be a tremendously powerful way to generate leads online, but it’s not quite as simple as waving a magic wand. As with any advertising or marketing practice, you have to make sure you’re implementing it as effectively as possible unless you enjoy wasting money. Let’s look at a few things you can do to help give your PPC advertising efforts a boost.

Include an Offer Other Than “Please Buy From Me Now”

What are your visitors’ names, email addresses, and other data worth to your lead generating machine? If you answered “Gold,” then you won’t mind handing out something useful, scratch that, AWESOME such as an earth shattering whitepaper or a special promotional offer in exchange.  If you answered “whats this lead generating machine?” then you should get up to speed on marketing automation. Maybe it’s a discount on the visitor’s initial purchase, which helps ensure that you convert that visitor into a customer right then and there. Maybe it’s a mind-blowing whitepaper that makes your visitor change how they thought about your industry while helping paint you as the expert. Whatever it is you’re offering, eliciting that data-rich response and putting a marketing automation machine to work for you will exponentially increase your PPC bang for buck.

Bring Them in for a Landing

Your PPC campaign is only as worthwhile as the revenue it ultimately generates, and that depends in large part on what your visitors see after they click on those ads. Did you spend hours crafting the perfect set of keywords matched with the perfect ad copy, just to land the visitors on some generic product page? If so, then don’t be surprised at your 88% bounce rate.

The answer to this challenge, of course, is making sure your landing page is ready for prime time before you link any PPC ads to it. This may involve:

  • Writing the content on the page to echo the keywords and ad copy they just saw
  • Telling a powerful story with a logical flow – starting with a pain statement, progressing to your solution and ending with a call to action
  • Adding trust builders such as case studies and testimonials
  • Breaking the text up with several attention-grabbing headers to keep viewers reading and get the right folks to the right bit of content ASAP

Testing, Testing…

How do you know whether your ad copy and promotional offers are doing their part to generate leads online? The smartest, most objective way to make that determination is through A/B testing. You might try two slightly different versions with the same URL, for instance, or two identical versions with two different URLs on your target audience. You can then shift all your PPC energies to whichever option gets a more productive response. Continuous A/B testing is a terrific way to refine your advertising strategies – and since customers and the business environment are both constantly changing, it’s also a critical means of staying in touch with your target market.

Free Agency Tip: We use Optimizely for AB Testing landing pages we didn’t build and Unbounce for building landing pages we plan to AB Test. Both are awesome tools that are easy to use and worth every penny.

If at First You Don’t Succeed — Remarket

Let’s say you focused on reaching the right target audience using just the right ads, and successfully funneled them to a well-designed landing page – at which point they browsed around for a while but didn’t buy OR download your mind-blowing whitepaper. Don’t fret, the key to all consumers hearts has always been cookies!

You can use the anonymous browsing data to create segmented remarketing lists through remarketing solutions such as Adroll or Google AdWords. Google provides templates for remarketing based on previous viewer behaviors such as visiting one page but not another page, visiting at a certain time of day, and various other tendencies, conditions and rules. You can then go after these segments of the population with long-tail keywords and highly targeted ads that really cater to your viewers’ interests. The more precise your efforts to court the right crowd, the more cost effective your PPC spending – and the more lucrative the final results.

At least they're having fun losing thousands of dollars!

At least they’re having fun losing thousands of dollars!

The More Work The Better The Odds

PPC advertising can definitely work, as long as you know what you’re doing and can spend the necessary time and effort to generate and pursue those leads online. If you’re just going to set up a PPC campaign in 10 minutes and let it run, I’d much rather see you put that money towards something with better odds of a return, like Keno or progressive slot machines.

Does LeapGo manage pay per click? We sure do, along with a lot of other things. I’d be willing to bet a 5 minute conversation with us will generate some new ideas for your business and it won’t cost a dime. Contact us to request a free consultation.

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