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You probably already know that the purpose of marketing content is to help you create, cultivate, and profit from leads online. But how can you know whether you’ve implemented that content effectively? Let’s take a look at some of the essential indicators that can help you mold the right business content strategy for your company.

Monitoring Your Consumption Metrics

Page views may no longer be the 800-pound gorilla of marketing metrics, but they still matter, especially in conjunction with engagement indicators such as sessions and time spent per page or ad. If you really want to turn these numbers into leads online, however, you need to interpret what they’re saying about how viewers are consuming your content.

You may already have many such consumption metrics at hand, whether you’ve been using them or not. For instance, what’s the ratio of first-time visitors to repeat visitors? This metric alone can clue you in on two important details — namely, how effectively your SEO is grabbing people’s attention in searches, and how much trust and authority your brand wields. Another important consumption metric is how many of your visitors are reading your content on mobile devices, as opposed to desktop computers; a disappointingly small number might indicate the need to make your site more user friendly.

Sorting Your Sharing Metrics

There’s a bigger online world out there than your website alone can encompass. The proliferation of social media has created a variety of channels through which populations communicate, share their insights and recommendations, and interact directly with companies just like yours. By tracking this mountain of social data, you can get a clearer picture of how your target audience is reacting to your business content.

How do you do this? For starters, keep tabs the numbers of likes, follows, and other sharing data you receive. Which links or posts inspired the most shares? Which social media channels consistently result in shares, and which don’t? This information can guide you toward creating more precisely-targeted content or paring down your social media channels to a handful of the most rewarding options. Additionally, pay attention to the numbers and sources of inbound links, non-linked mentions, email forwards, and other ways the wired world is sharing your brand.

Business content strategy

Sharing metrics can help you optimize your content strategies.

Eyeing Your Outcomes

However sophisticated and well-informed your business content strategy may be, all that really matters is the outcome. Did it succeed in achieving its goal, or did it fail — and if it failed, then exactly how, where and why did it fail? You must track these outcomes so you can make vital course corrections to your content as needed. Numbers such as page views, for instance, don’t tell you anything about desired outcomes such leads or sales.

Monitoring viewer drop-off can certainly help in this regard. At which points do your viewers cease to remain viewers? If one particular page on your site has a notably high drop-off rate, it should alert you that the content or page design may be aiding and abetting that negative outcome. On the other hand, if one of your landing pages is doing a spectacular job of qualifying or converting leads online, then you may need to evaluate that page, and the pages that lead to it, with en eye toward making other parts of your online sales funnel follow suit.

These tactics for measuring the success of your content creation and marketing can put you more firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to guiding your business toward its ultimate goals. But if you’d feel more comfortable leaving such a complex field to the experts, we are ready, willing and able to help. Contact us today to request a quote.

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