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When your company runs a marketing campaign that directs targets to a landing page, the number of conversions you’ll receive will depend on how effectively you can get your targets to trust you.  If you don’t inspire trust within a few seconds, your visitors will click off your landing page. It’s really that simple.

Think about it. You are either trying to sell them something, asking them to share an email address or requesting personal information. They know this, and will be asking themselves why they should trust you enough to follow through with your call to action.  You can use many elements on your landing page to inspire trust, and here are some that we have found to work particularly well.

Press Mentions

If your company or products have been featured in the press, show these off on your landing page. Press mentions give your company credibility, especially if you’ve been featured in a major publication.  National newspapers, major websites, and smaller publications that your targets read are worth highlighting.  Simply add a section to your landing page stating “As Mentioned In” and display the logo of that publication below.This is all you need to add that extra element of trust, so if you’ve got press mentions, use them.


Have any well-known companies or people already used your product or service? If so, use their endorsements on your landing page.  The more names, the better. (Well-known names are better still.)  The reaction you want from your targets is: “Wow! If all these companies are using this product, it’s got to be great!”  Endorsements are especially effective if your customers have something good to say, e.g. a few words of praise on how much money your product has saved them.

Certifications & Accreditations

Show off any certifications and accreditations you’ve gained. For example, BBB (Better Business Bureau), TRUSTe, VeriSign, and Trustwave are widely recognized, and they will provide your visitors with confidence. You are immediately showing them that you are a business that can be trusted.  Certifications and accreditations from sources that your targets associate with are even better. These could include trade organizations, professional groups, awards, safety records, and more.

Social Proof

People are persuaded by social proof. It’s hardwired into humans. If someone else says your products are good, this has more power than your own claims.  Testimonials are the best way to use social proof on your landing page. Feature photos, real names, and add a video testimonial if you can get it. This all adds credibility and boosts trust.  How many should you have? As many as you think will work. There is no set answer.  Try to split test with 3, 5, 10, or more, and see which gets the best results.

Big Numbers

In his book “Ca$hvertising,” Drew Eric Whitman talks about the concept of “Length Implies Strength.”  This essentially means that when people see a lot of positive stats and figures, they don’t even question them because their instant reaction is: “Lots of information = must be true.”  If you’ve already sold 100,000 products, make this clear on your landing page.

[plain]PRO TIP: Be specific. Rather than saying “Over 100,000 products sold,” say “100,128 products sold to date.” Specific numbers are more persuasive.[plain]

But what if you haven’t sold lots of products? No problem. You could display the number of:

  • Facebook Likes or Twitter followers
  • Comments you have received
  • People who have signed up for your newsletter
  • Dollars you have earned for your clients

You could even display the number of years you have been in business, which will also inspire trust.  As always, you’ll want to test this. Be careful, sometimes large numbers raise a red flag.  Some people assume that a large company has lower standards of customer service.

Privacy Policy

You should always include a privacy policy somewhere on the page, ideally underneath the CTA button. As I discussed in a recent blog, you don’t want to provide any extra links on your landing page.  The only place you want visitors to click is the conversion button.  A small link to the privacy policy is the only exception.  Keep it simple and say something like, “We guarantee your privacy and we will never share your information.”

[plain]PRO TIP: Be careful of using the word “spam.” Even if you say, “We will not send you spam,” the word has a negative connotation and could affect conversions.[/plain]

Show Your Product

If you are selling a product, test displaying a large, high-quality photo of your product in a prominent position on your landing page.  Even better, create a video of your product in action.  By doing this, you are showing people what they will be getting when they convert. This helps to reduce some of the anxiety they feel about clicking on that button, and it should give your conversions a lift.


Incentives have been a standard tool for marketers for generations because they help to relieve customer anxiety.  Provide a guarantee. Offer a free trial of your service. Highlight your free shipping. Any of these could have a positive impact on your conversions.  If you are prepared to accept returns for a whole year without questions or are giving away a one-month trial, this can make you look more trustworthy. You are showing your targets that you have faith in the offer you are providing, and assuring them that they won’t get ripped off.  Experiment with the types and numbers of incentives you include to see what works best.

Message Match

This is one that many marketers forget about. If you are running a PPC campaign, you will be directing people from your ad to your landing page. (At least, that’s what you should be doing.) One key trust element is message match.  This involves matching the copy of the ad headline with the copy of the landing page headline. It does not necessarily have to match 100%, although it could.  This increases trust because the target knows they are in the right place. They instantly see that they have clicked on an ad that has delivered on its promise.  The aim is to clarify the promise you make in the ad. A unique promise can be a powerful click generator, so don’t forget about it in the landing page.

Test Your Trust Elements

Use as many of these trust elements as you can on your landing page. As always, with conversion rate optimization, you will want to test them. These are all considered best practices, but that doesn’t mean they will work for your specific products and services.

So test, test and test some more, and watch those conversions skyrocket!

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