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It seems like everyone has a smartphone on-hand for Internet access on the go, so your search engine optimization strategy needs to encompass more than building website visitor numbers and rankings for your primary keywords. With a brick and mortar business, you also need to drive mobile users in-store.

Optimize Your Content for Hyperlocal Visitors

Embrace your locality by mentioning your community connections and convenience. Customers want to know where they can get what they’re looking for nearby. Include photos of your physical location and make sure you have a google business page. Don’t overlook the importance of setting up a facebook business page, and linking to that from your website. This is especially important if you have a business (like a bar or restaurant) where people will be checking in while visiting. Facebook will allow you to target ads based on location as well, so properly setting up your page and keeping it active will likely increase foot traffic.

Geo-Targeted Digital Coupons

Customized content increases the relevancy of marketing messages for your mobile users, so attracting attention with geo-targeted digital coupons provides them with plenty of incentives to walk through your door. Digital coupons also appeal to price conscious consumers who are looking for the best deal. Apps like Couwalla, Coupons App and Cellfire can encourage frugal shoppers to choose your establishment over your competitors’ if you are offering a discount.

Encourage Online Reviews

Some businesses shy away from online reviews because you can’t guarantee positive reviews, but a mixed bag of reviews is exactly what mobile viewers want to see. If you have an unnatural review distribution with overwhelmingly positive reviews and no cons, mobile viewers are going to doubt the validity of the reviews and go elsewhere. With a mix of good reviews, neutral reviews, and negative reviews, your mobile viewers are getting a more balanced view of your business. With negative reviews, you can also turn a bad experience into a good one by providing additional customer service to address the issue.

One way to encourage reviews is with Yext, the leading digital location management (DLM) provider. You can run a listing report and receive dozens of local listing sites around the web. LeapGo is a proud partner of Yext and is now offering an annual partner service for only $599/year. That comes out to less than $50 per month! To take advantage of this offer or learn more about our other local SEO services,contact the LeapGo team. You will want to check out Yelp as well to find and claim your business page. Yelp starts with a free basic account but offers paid self service advertising tools and even customized targeting by a Yelp Ads Specialist.

Your SEO strategy must include mobile visitors, especially when you’re trying to get foot traffic in your brick and mortar store. Read more about incorporating local SEO into your digital marketing strategy for additional information or contact the LeapGo team for personalized recommendations.

What other SEO strategies have you used for bringing mobile visitors to your physical location? What problems have you run into when trying to bridge the gap between mobile and in store customers? Let us know by commenting below!

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