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By 2018, retail ecommerce in the United States is expected to grow to $495 billion – almost double the amount from 2013, according to a recent report by eMarketer. The most amazing thing about ecommerce’s exploding success is that it manages to do so despite the fact that consumers are unable to see, feel or sample what they’re buying. To overcome this challenge, online retailers have added detailed specs, high-end imagery, and engaging videos, but the most useful feature has been the addition of ‘social reviews’.

The rise of social reviews

In the beginning, customer reviews were as simple as choosing one out of five stars on a rating scale. It provided a basic understanding of a product’s overall appeal. Then open-text fields were added to enable customers to give more specifics and opinions about the product’s range of features. It provided more depth and information for those willing to seek it, but it never carried beyond the product pages.

Social reviews have changed all that. Today, customer reviews can exist in a new dimension, possessing a real voice far beyond a company website and carrying significant power. The rating scale and open-text format still exist, but they’re bolstered by social media, measured by likes and dislikes, and used to foster conversations. They have the ability to affect SEO, as well as provide incredible insight into a company’s product development and customer profiles.

Most importantly for online retailers, social reviews are drivers for helping consumers make decisions and increasing sales. In 2012, a Nielson survey found that 70% of people trust online reviews, only second to word-of-mouth by family and friends and well above other advertising means. A 2013 Wharton study also found that “a company that showcases reviews from a consumer’s social groups… will actually yield the highest profitability”.

Why Yotpo rules

How do you initiate social reviews for your products? The quickest way is to get Yotpo, the most well-known social review app. It integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and Volusion, some of the biggest and best ecommerce platforms out there. It’s a breeze to install and use, you can customize the look and feel for your store, and you can track and view your results.

As a digital agency, we work with numerous online retailers and one of our top recommendations is to integrate Yotpo right away. Are we paid to promote them? No, we haven’t sold our souls yet…. But do we love what they’re doing? Yes, which is why we think they rule.

There are very few players, if any, on the same level as Yotpo. Your business might have strong reviews for products sold on Amazon or Google Shopping, but those reviews rarely move beyond those sites. And you might use Disqus for your blog articles, but that type of system only flourishes as a social element. Yotpo gives you the best of both worlds – strong reviews and social connections – all in one simple package. See why we love it?

5 Ways To Take Full Advantage of Yotpo

Once you setup Yotpo, you need take full advantage of its functionality to increase your engagement and sales:

  1. Customize ‘Mail After Purchase’ setup – according to Yotpo, 90% of reviews come through this program. Make sure you create at least a two-email process (including a reminder) to encourage reviews. Also customize your email so it sends at just the right time after product arrival.
  1. Leverage Facebook for collecting reviews – social media is the backbone and slingshot of Yotpo reviews, and Facebook is the main hub of activity. If you haven’t already done so, link the app with your business Facebook page right away.
  1. Utilize all of Yotpo’s SEO capabilities – the user-generated content created in Yotpo is automatically SEO-friendly, but there is a way to improve it. Go into the Yotpo admin section, click on SEO Tricks, and follow the steps provided.
  1. Create coupon reminder – Yotpo allows you to offer customers a coupon if they write and/or share reviews. If you aren’t generating the amount of reviews you expect, a coupon is a great way to encourage this. The after-purchase coupon not only helps get reviews, but also helps with repeat purchases.
  1. Yotpo is for everyone – You don’t have to be an ecommerce store to leverage Yotpo anymore. Yotpo can also be used to generate reviews for your website or business, so think beyond your products.

Hop on the social bandwagon

As social media usability increases and online reviews become ingrained into the customer buying process, you’ll want your business to be poised for success. If our clients’ results are any kind of sample, we can tell you that social reviews are very powerful and will definitely increase your sales! Check out Yotpo – you won’t regret it!

Has your business seen an increase of sales due to Yotpo? We’d love to hear from you, so please send us your comments below!


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