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Coming hot on the heels of our recent Overcome Google Panda white paper, this latest piece focuses on Google Penguin and the off-page aspects of your website: those all-important links. While so many webmasters and owners are focusing on building better content thanks to Google Panda 4.0, many are ignoring the importance of links and the impact of off-page SEO.

Part of this avoidance is due to the lack of a recent Google Penguin algorithm update, the last of which hit in 2013. Despite the quiet, the previous five updates made it clear that link building needs to be a priority. In order to overcome Google Penguin you need a clear strategy, which is exactly how this white paper came to be.

Download our white paper now and you’ll get:

·       10 extremely useful best practices for off-page SEO that will make your link profile the jealousy of competitors!

·       Specific, easy-to-follow guidelines that will help you avoid the pitfalls of Penguin and rise above the next big update!

·       10 additional LeapGo tips that give you the tools and information necessary to become an off-page SEO expert!

While Google may separate Panda and Penguin, the underlying strategy for overcoming both algorithms remains the same. It’s all about creating and supporting the most natural, well-organized, customer-friendly site on the web. If you’ve already mastered the on-page strategies, then this white paper is the perfect segue to mastering off-page strategies. After implementing these off-page SEO best practices, you’ll be well on your way to competing for the top rankings in the SERPs!

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