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Website Development

Put us to work on your website and we’ll put your website to work for you. Call us today and we’ll build you a kick-ass site that drives growth, tells your story & strengthens brand loyalty.

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We Work With Most Major Platforms

Chances are, we’ve got an expert on staff and dozens of projects under our belt with whatever platform you’re running. Also, our clients appreciate our “independent agent” approach.

We don’t have anyone swaying our priorities and can honestly recommend the best platform for the right reasons.

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SuiteCommerce Development

We Equip Brands With Digital Strategy and Vision

Everything we do for you is developed with you. We take the time to understand your business, your audience and what makes both so special.
Each website we build is unique, but that doesn’t mean we reinvent the wheel when it comes to process. We’ve completed hundreds of projects over 20 years and we’ve got the execution down.

Whether it’s a new site or a redesign, the launch process is extremely complex. We’ll work with you to ensure things like DNS records, server space, domain names & timing is all planned and accounted for. 

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Performance = Traffic

All the marketing tactics in the world will fall flat if the destination is not up to par. We ensure your website is fast, delights your visitors & outperforms your competition. Even with hosted solutions we are able to achieve code efficiencies, decrease load times and make the right customizations to achieve our goals. Website performance is a key ranking factor so you need a partner that understands both the dev and visibility impact of every line of code.


Don’t Make Me Think

That’s our approach to UX & UI. We’ll ensure your website is set up in a way that it’s not just easy to use, it ‘flows’ in a way that feels right. From the placement of the buttons, to the color scheme, to the typography, it’s all a part of the strategy. We’ll analyze your analytics, conduct user testing and conduct experiments to push your conversion rates to new heights. Websites made by LeapGo are fine tuned machines that tell your story.

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“LeapGo as a company has been great and have continuously been there for us as our needs of the website have evolved. Our company has required a few custom applications for our website and LeapGo has taken on these requests to meet our needs while being budget conscious.”