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Once you’ve assembled the basic components of your BigCommerce website, the next step is tweaking it to fit your needs. The BigCommerce Marketplace is packed with useful apps—new and old, free and paid—that facilitate task work, improve your sales, and give your e-store a boost. There are over 100 apps to choose from and our goal is to help you narrow down the list. Here are the top 10 BigCommerce plugins (apps) for improving your e-commerce store:


1. Spring Metrics – Conversion Analytics

Description: Where Google Analytics falls off, Spring Metrics picks up with simple and user-friendly analytics. Get a quick, real-time overview of your marketing channels and customer conversions with just a few screens. There are other Spring Metrics spin-offs, but the classic Conversion Analytics gives you what you need most. (Note: Spring Metrics is now called Spring Engage, but it is still named Spring Metrics in the BigCommerce app store).

Cost: from $49/month

Spring Metrics App | Spring Metrics Home

Email Solutions

2. Constant Contact

Description: Constant Contact is one of the biggest names in email marketing, and hundreds of thousands of customers rely on it. It is simple to use, and you can create professional emails in minutes. It comes with a 60-day free trial, and it includes mobile-friendly templates, free support and coaching, as well as a 98% deliverability rate.

Cost: From $15/month

Constant Contact App | Constant Contact Home

3. Receiptful

Description: Another great email tool, Receiptful focuses on transaction receipt emails. These typically have a much higher open rate than marketing emails, and that makes them a great marketing opportunity. Receiptful helps you make these emails visually engaging, and it also makes it easy to include up-sells. It is simple to set up and includes powerful analytics so you can see which emails get the most opens and clicks.

Cost: From FREE

Receiptful App | Receiptful Home

Social Marketing

4. Yotpo

Description: How is someone supposed to know how awesome your products are without customer reviews? That’s why Yotpo’s social review system is so important—we love it and recommend it to everyone. It’s easy to install and even easier for your customers to read and write reviews.

Cost: from FREE

Yotpo App | Yotpo Home

5. Justuno Social Bribery

Description: You can use Justuno to provide coupons to your customers when they arrive at your store in response to certain actions like signing up or Tweeting. By giving them a coupon code, they don’t have to leave the site, and this keeps them shopping, making it a great way to convert more traffic. But this is just one of their suite of tools, which also includes exit offers, pop-ups, and more to improve your conversion optimization.

Cost: from FREE

Justuno App | Justuno Home

Other Marketing

6. S Loyalty

Description: Getting customers is hard; keeping them can be harder. Fortunately, the S Loyalty app uses a straightforward rewards system to earn you repeat business and build customer loyalty. The dashboard is easy to follow and the breadth of incentives makes it applicable to all.

Cost: from $19.99/month

S Loyalty App | S Loyalty Home

7. Optimizely

Description: Split testing is an essential element of conversion optimization, and Optimizely makes it easy. Use it to display different versions of your site and measure conversion rates to improve upon your conversions. It’s very easy to use, and you can get immediate results. You can also use it to test multiple pages and track various goals.

Cost: From $17/month

Optimizely App | Optimizely Home

8. SurveyMonkey

Description: This app is not for everybody, but for small businesses that require instant feedback, SurveyMonkey is precious. The company has been around a long time so it just goes to show how crucial feedback is to businesses. It’s a breeze to set up and their survey results break down into useable chunks.

Cost: from FREE

SurveyMonkey App | SurveyMonkey Home

9. The Cart Closer

Description: Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem for online stores, and The Cart Closer is one way to combat it. When a customer exits the cart, use this to display an offer to incentivize your visitors to stay. They get an instant reason to stay, and you boost conversions and reduce your cart abandonment levels. There is also no monthly fee as you only pay a commission on sales.

Cost: 5% of each sale

The Cart Closer App | The Cart Closer Home

Business Management

10. Ordoro

Description: Ordoro makes shipping cool by helping you streamline orders, manage inventory, and acquire good rates. Unlike most shipping dashboards, Ordoro’s is attractive and user-friendly. Customer service is excellent too.

Cost: From FREE

Ordoro App | Ordoro Home

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