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In the digital marketing world, it seems like nothing moves as quickly as social media.   We’re not talking about posts because those go a million miles a minute; we’re talking about the tools that companies use to manage their posts, since they come and go just as fast.

Since last year’s list of Top 25 Social Media Management Tools, one tool no longer exists, another has changed names, some have become more influential, and others have become lesser known, not to mention changes in pricing, features, and services.

Given the rapid movement, we decided to simplify it this year by organizing the top 25 social media management tools of 2014 into the following categories:

For Small Businesses >>

For Corporate Enterprises >>

For Twitter >>

For Facebook >>

New & Noteworthy >>


For Small Businesses

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social gives you the best of all worlds: monitoring, reporting, and posting capabilities.  The reason it stands out from the rest of the tools is because the interface and dashboard are easy to use and fun to look at, making social media management a breeze and a pleasure.

Why it’s great for SMBs:  Reasonably priced packages, attractive interface, and a super dashboard make it inexpensive and very fun to use for everyone.

2. Hootsuiteour pick - editsmall

Hootsuite is another king of social media management thanks to its single-screen dashboard that shows up to 30 social profiles and integrates with all the major social media channels.  If your business is sizeable, you can organize your employees into “teams” so that things get done timely and appropriately.

Why it’s great for SMBs: You can opt for a free or very inexpensive monthly package and both provide practically everything you need to get started.

3. Buffer

Buffer is the ideal scheduling tool for your social media posts because it identifies the best time to post your content, removing any need to think.  Plus, with the brand new Buffer for Business, you get lots of new features and better analytics, including Google Analytics integration and more team members.

Why it’s great for SMBs: The new upgrades make it excellent for a small team and finally give you the analytics you’ve been craving.

4. Crowdbooster

Crowdbooster is like a tutor – it doesn’t do the work for you, but gives you a great recommendation on what’s working, who you should work with, and when you should do it using a visually appealing dashboard with graphs and charts.  It only focuses on Twitter and Facebook, but it does integrate with Bit.ly and allow scheduling.

Why it’s great for SMBs: If your primary focus is Twitter and Facebook, this software gives you all the functionality without the noise.

5. Raven Tools

Raven Tools provides all your standard social media management platform features, including monitoring, scheduling, and task assignments.  Then it goes above and beyond the rest by adding SEO analysis, Adwords advertising components, and a CRM system.

Why it’s great for SMBs: If you want a management platform that’s like a one-stop-shop for managing marketing campaigns, this is it.


For Corporate Enterprises

6. Engagor

Engagor gives you the social monitoring and listening on a much larger scale: choose from over 60 languages, target your search geographically, and assign team members appropriately.  Despite its scale, the software offers well-defined and easy to read reporting, analytics, publishing and automation.

Why it’s great for corporate:  It has all the capabilities that a large, global company needs to monitor and manage the brand.

7. Argyle Social

Argyle Social focuses on B2B companies who want to monitor and grow sales and prospects.  It integrates with Marketo, Pardot and Silverpop and assigns “social revenue” to help you make sure that every social media interaction is driving bottom line results.

Why it’s great for corporate: If you are a mid- to large-size B2B business that is very results-driven, this software puts your social media in focus.

8. Quintly  

Quintly is a professional social media analytics tool that puts the focus on tracking and benchmarking your performance so you can reach goals and improve your online brand.  It’s not the prettiest tool, but it offers great insights for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

Why it’s great for corporate: If Facebook is your main channel, the analytics from this software are invaluable.

our pick - editsmall9.

Social Report provides a more robust social and web analytics dashboard by looking at not just Facebook and Twitter but many other networks like MySpace, Yelp, Foursquare, and Vimeo.  It also gives you wide array of insights from gender and interests to location and education.

Why it’s great for corporate: By looking at more sites and more factors, it casts a wider net and gives you more information than other platforms.

10. Webfluenz

Webfluenz is an enterprise solution that gives you all the usual monitoring and analytics capabilities, plus plenty of extras like topical trends, brand comparisons, campaign performance, intent, channels, gender, and geography.  A simple filtering system means you can customize your dashboard no problem.

Why it’s great for corporate:  It offers everything an enterprise needs to monitor and manage the social media sphere, so it’s definitely worth a “Try” before you “Buy”.


For Twitter

11. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is designed for companies who have to manage and post to multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously.  The intuitive user interface helps you monitor (via live streaming), organize your accounts, and schedule your messages without losing a beat.

Why it’s great: Ideal for managing multiple accounts, especially for news-like organizations where things happen so fast.

our pick - editsmall12.

Commun.it is a free tool that helps you monitor your Twitter account(s), identify your greatest influencers, and cultivate those relationships.  The dashboard shows you what you need to know everyday including current tweets, engagement metrics, and top followers.

Why it’s great:  It helps you identify and manage top influencers right away and it’s FREE!

13. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is all about (you guessed it) your Twitter followers.  It helps you search, compare, track, analyze, and sort your followers and their bios so you can identify and prioritize the most important ones.  You can also compare your stats easily against your competitors to see how you’re doing overall.

Why it’s great:  It gives you a great overview of your Twitter following, as well as the insight you need to grow.

14. ManageFlitter

ManageFlitter uses fancy little algorithms to enable posting via time zone, clever following and unfollowing, and improved search.  If you like the idea of growing your Twitter business by bulk following others, then this app does the trick.  It even has the analytics to show your newfound success.

Why it’s great:  The tool makes it easy to rapidly grow your Twitter following and influence.

15. SocialOomph

Although SocialOomph does more than just Twitter, a free account gives you access to all the base Twitter features (which is what made it so popular in the first place).  It gives you everything you need to get started like scheduling, tracking, and managing tweets, as well as lots of other nifty things.

Why it’s great:  The free account is a great way for a company to get started on Twitter.


For Facebook

16. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is essentially an all-in-one tool for Facebook, giving companies the ability to customize apps, view real-time statistics, moderate their Timeline, and qualify fans to see who is truly a potential customer.  It does offer some free tools and a free trial, but companies interested in all this great stuff will want a package.

Why it’s great:  It’s an all-in-one software which puts Facebook success at your fingertips.

17. Social Flow

While Facebook is just one part of Social Flow’s analysis, it’s a significant chunk and one that Social Flow has put a lot of thought into.  This tool uses scientific algorithms for managing posts, finding optimal publishing times, determining best keywords, and measuring audience receptiveness.

Why it’s great:  What it lacks in style, it makes up for in quality findings.  Great for larger companies that want to narrow down the information.

18. Shortstack

Oh Shortstack and it’s lovely little pancake logo.  What looks cheesy at first is actually quite useful since this software helps even the least technical person design and customize Facebook apps and promotional pages.  It also integrates seamlessly with all your other channels, like Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Why it’s great:  This is an easy way to make big wins on (and add excitement to) your Facebook pages.

our pick - editsmall19.
EdgeRank Checker

EdgeRank Checker helps you boost your Facebook visibility and engagement by giving you insight into your page performance with heat maps, post analyses, feedback info, industry comparisons, and photo reports.  It is designed to keep your Facebook pages in ‘check’ and can be used with both a free and paid plan.

Why it’s great:  If you want to track your Facebook page performance, this ‘Checker’ has everything you need.

20. Facebook Graph Search

With over a billion users on Facebook, the company’s Graph Search feature accesses all that available user data, along with external data, to offer powerful user-specific search results.  Given the social nature and ever-growing data, the discoveries you can make with this search engine tool are endless.

Why it’s great:  It’s a powerful social search engine that can give you insight into your customers that other search engines might not have.


New and Noteworthy

21. Simply Measured

Siimply Measured is excellent because it offers analytics on all the major networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Tumblr, and soon Pinterest.  Plus, you can easily export reports to PowerPoint or into Excel sheets.

Why it’s noteworthy:  The analyses are in-depth and easy to look at.  If they keep up the good work, this could be one of top 5 tools very soon.

22. SocialBro

SocialBro is a unique blend of Twitter analytics and social CRM.  You can get the Twitter analytics you crave, like audience insights, best tweet times, and influencer identification.  On top of it all, you can manage and evaluate your community contacts to drive marketing strategies.

Why it’s noteworthy:  It’s a comprehensive Twitter analytics and marketing service that can definitely be your “bro” when you need a good tool.

23. Addvocate

Addvocate is an ‘employee advocacy platform’ that encourages, tracks, and empowers your community of internal team members who post, tweet and socialize about your brand online.  It helps people share and be recognized for their content, while simultaneously allowing the company to moderate and analyze it.

Why it’s noteworthy:  Unlike most social analytics tools that look outward at your customers, this tool looks inward at your own company.  Great for big corporate businesses!

our pick - editsmall24.

With the huge amount of social information out there, Bottlenose makes it manageable by searching for and identifying the most important ones in real-time.  You get an easy-to-follow dashboard of top links and trending topics, as well as great insights into your influence, the market sentiment and other data points.

Why it’s noteworthy:  With so much noise out there, this tool helps you narrow it down to what matters most.

25. ZootRock

ZootRock is a content curator whose goal is to reduce the effort of posting great content to all your social sites.  The company also offers a unique “Concierge Service” which takes care of the work for you by determining the best content for you to share which will spark the conversation and increase your engagement.

Why it’s noteworthy:  Content marketing is a lot of work and this tool attempts to reduce that effort so you can focus on other important business items.

We hope you enjoyed our Top 25 list of social media management tools for 2014.  Have you worked extensively with any of these social media management tools?  If so, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!

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